Use our Budget Impact Model to see the potential financial benefits of transitioning from traditional sutures to Plus Antibacterial Sutures based on three SSI baseline rates.


SSI's Avoided1
Bed Days Saved2
Potential extra
procedures available2
Anticipated net cost saving1

Based on 10,000 procedures with a 29% reduction in the selected SSI rate from using Plus Sutures (versus traditional sutures that do not contain an antibacterial agent); 5 sutures used per procedure; cost per suture and cost per SSI as defined in the NICE Medical Technology Guidance1. Length of stay per SSI and mean postoperative length of stay per non-SSI is provided by Jenks, et al2.

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  2. Jenks PJ, Laurent M, McQuarry S, Watkins R. Clinical and economic burden of surgical site infection (SSI) and predicted financial consequences of elimination of SSI from an English hospital. J Hosp Infect. 2014;86(1):24-33

† when used as part of a care bundle.